We are updating our Application and it isn't on the this page at the moment. I have a old copy in pdf form, so if interested please e-mail me to inquire about one of our babies and I will send it to you.

Double Registered (A.K.C. & N.K.C) Puppies are $1,400.00 each.

Single Registered ( N.K.C.) are $1,200.00 each.

I do not sell any puppies without the Registration they qualify for.

Things to consider

Cost (veterinary care, food, toys, bedding, grooming, microchip, insurance)

Compatibility with children or caretakers (allergies, cynophobia, mobility)

Adequate space and time for play and a safe place for rest.

AlwaysCanine.com is our pet store.

We have everything you need for your dogs!

*Dutton Beagle customers will receive a 5% discount and zero shipping on first time purchase. To qualify for the free shipping, pick up your purchase at Dutton Beagles, when you come to get your new baby.