Cost to run

“Home Of The Hounds Kennel”

Some people want to know why it costs so much to buy from a breeder, this is our experience.

Concerning when we need a new breeder:

We work hard to make sure any new breeding stock coming from some other source is genetic free from some of the problems like, Factor V11, which is a bleeding disorder and Musladin-Lueke Syndrome (MLS) which is Chinese Beagle syndrome and Hip Dysplasia. New breeders also need to have a CBC and a Brucellois test along with a general health exam. Beagles brought here for breeding must pass all tests before they are considered for breeding stock.

When we buy a new breeding Beagle, we look very hard to find a Beagle with great family history and preferably CH. in Field and/or Show. A Beagle like this to buy is between $1,800.00 to $2,400.00 each. We do all the testing with the new beagle and if all goes well, we will have a new dog for breeding :) Sometimes our new prospective breeder doesn't work out and we get a family pet, or we find Him/Her another home.

Running the kennel costs us a little more than $2,700.00 per year, with out unexpected Vet bills. We are always improving our Beagles lives, so it does cost more than that per year.

In 2015/2016 we put in around $6,000.00 of our beagle’s savings to build a shop for them. From 2017 though 2019, we worked on finishing the inside of the shop, which cost about $2,000.00. In 2020 we have done the final touches in the shop and we are now able to use it at full capacity for our Beagles!

The other factor that goes into our costs is listed below, we do our best to raise our beagles and puppies like family and there is a great cost even before the new families receive their new family member.

This is a list of supplies and what it takes for me to bring an average year of 15 Beagles to their new families at 8 weeks of age.

  • $25.00 office supplies (annual)

  • $120.00 website (annual)

  • $350.00 electricity & water. (annual)

  • $1,400.00 food, grooming & home supplies for 4 breeders (annual)

  • $400.00 Medical for 4 breeders annual

  • $735.00 first shots and health exam by Vet. (Average cost for 15 puppies)

  • $10.00 de-worming

  • $500.00 cleaning supplies like paper towels, bleach cleaner, rubber gloves, puppy pads, bleach, garbage bags, etc.

  • $50.00 towel washing with laundry soap & bleach

  • $150.00 towels. 15 puppies.

  • $25.00 puppy washing, trimming and grooming

  • $350.00 puppy food

  • $60.00 toys

  • $200.00 training books

  • $150.00 collar & leads

  • $75.00 litter registrations

Totaling $4,600.00, divided by an average of 15 puppies per year and raised for the customer to receive at 8 weeks of age ($307.00 each). When I have more puppies, cost will come down, costing me more like $280.00 per puppy, when we have less it affects our income for tending to our beagles.

Our average annual profit is around $10,000.00, We put 30% our profit, about $3,000.00 towards running the kennel, medical for our beagles and improvements to our kennel. There are times when we have a large Vet medical bill, due to one of our babies becoming sick….. That of course will come out of my profit.

“Double J Ranch” receives 2% of our left over puppy annual sale profit ( averaging about $140.00 a year.) Christine Justus is the owner there at the ranch. Christine's mission is To rescue, re-home or offer sanctuary to special needs dogs in jeopardy of euthanasia. She offers hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia for dogs at multiple shelters, and educates the public about the importance of spay/neuter, unethical breeding practices, and what wonderful pets animals with special needs are. 100% of our rescue dog purchases go to “Double J Ranch”, my time and personal money I put into the rescue beagles are because I love beagles and I want all beagles to have a happy home.

With everything said and done, we make around $6,860.00 profit for the year. It averages about 1,000 hours a year, to take care of all the Beagles and the kennel. I spend extra time with the delivering Mothers and coming puppies, that usually is 24 hours per litter. Depending on Mother and puppies health, for the first three or four days, I spend least 4 hours or more a day diligently monitoring Mom and the puppies. On an average we spend around 300 hours per year raising puppies for families and around 100 hours updating website and working with customers.

Without the unexpected expenses and if we have the projected income of the 15 puppies for the year, we make around $4.60 per hour for a P/T job averaging 28 hours a week. With this estimated income we make about $460.00 per month.

I’m not making the money people think that I’m making. A great breeder never makes a living income with their dogs, it’s just the love they have for the breed.