Dutton's Bo Beau Fresh Start

Born July 30th 2013 A.K.C. & N.K.C. Registered.

15 inch Tri-color

Bo Beau came to us as a birthday present to me back in March of 2014. We needed a new stud introduced to our kennel and we were blessed to receive him! I have never seen a beagle so happy to meet his new family, I was very pleased to see him fit in so well.

Bo Beau's breeder wanted him to be a show champion, but found out he was to much of a scardey-cat in the show ring, so he was kind enough to let us have him.

We have now had him for over 8 years. This boy is a very sweet and a loving guy, with a wonderful temperament and superior conformation.

Pedigree Information

CH. Hottex Rowdy Daddy’s Boy ( Father)

Hottex Just A Silly Blonde ( Mother)

GCH. Belcanto Flags A’Flyin ( Grand Father)

CH. Rowdy’s Magnificent Obsession ( Grand Mother)

Hottex Hunting For Camelot ( Grand Father)

Wayne's Little Baby Girl ( Grand Mother)

CH. Ha-Penny’s Too Much Trouble ( Great Grand Father)

CH. “Skyline in Scentini’s Chitchat ( Great Grand Mother)

CH. Liveoak Waltz Across Texas ( Great Grand Father)

CH. Irish Coffey Shades Of Green ( Great Grand Mother)

CH. Jabrwoki’s The Big Chill ( Great Grand Father)

Brushyrun Phoebe ( Great Grand Mother)

Jimmie’s Beagle Boy ( Great Grand Father)

Billys Deep Water Lilie ( Great Grand Mother)

Bo Beau's Grand Sire strutting his stuff at a dog show.

Stud Service

Our Male may be up for Stud Service if your female is up to our standards.

Stud Service is $1,400.00.

Our Male is tested and cleared of Brucellosis.

Must be complete before requesting stud service


Brucellosis is not a genetic disease; rather it is a venereal disease. At one time it was very prevalent in the U.S. The brucellosis test was developed and every breeder I know requires a new “negative” brucellosis test to be done and presented at the time the bitch is sent/brought for breeding. Brucellosis is a contagious disease caused by the bacterium Brucella canis. It is one of the leading causes of infertility in breeding stock. It occurs worldwide, affects all kinds of dogs, purebred and not, and can also be transmitted from dogs to humans. Other animals that can be affected with brucellosis include livestock such as sheep, cattle, and goats, as well as wildlife, including bison, elk, and wild pigs. In dogs, a classic sign of brucellosis is abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy. Other signs include stillbirths, conception failures, and litter resorption.

Complete Blood Profile

A complete blood profile needs to be done on the Brood Bitch. The profile will show overall health, testing internal organs for function and abnormalities and diseases e.g. diabetes, pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia, and thyroid disorders can be identified by this profile.