Double J Dog Ranch

A 501(c)(3) sanctuary and re-homing center for dogs with special needs, located across the lake from our place.  Christene is a wonderful person, and does amazing work.  Please check out her website!

100% of the money from our rescues goes to “Double J Ranch” to help with care of the needy dogs, there at the Ranch.

Some years we don’t have rescues so we just donate as much as we can on those years.

3% of our puppy sale profit goes to the ranch no matter what!

Garden Plaza Visit!

We have had the Residents of Post Fall's Garden Plaza over for a couple of years now. The residents love to come and play with little puppies!

Puppies always bring joy and comfort to people, it is proven that they can even lower your blood pressure.

Past Rescue Animals

Since 2005 we have taken in dogs as rescues. Sometimes people just need help and if we have the room and the means, then I will do my best to find their dog a happy home. Some dogs we have received have needed health or training improvement, plus they may need to be spayed or neutered. We do what is necessary with training, health and rehabilitation before we find new homes for them. 

Adoption fee is $300.00. 100% of adoption fees go to “Double J Ranch”

Our Past Rescue Animals