Dutton's Viola Thundering Black Magic

Born on May 23, 2019 N.K.C Registered.

15 inch, tri-color - very dark!

Dutton’s Viola Thundering Black Magic is my special lady continuing our original line.

When I originally started with breeding, I wanted to have Beagles mainly with white in their coat, now I have her and I'm in love with her dark colors.

Viola is pure field beagle! She is sensitive, smart and a loving lady.

Pedigree Information

Thunder MTN Dark Ralph (Father)

Dutton’s Xiao Yi ( Mother)

Four River’s Black Cooter (Grand Father)

Hard Times Two Timing Ruby ( Grand Mother)

Batman Lemon Bolt ( Grand Father)

Dutton's Daisy Mae ( Grand Mother)

FC. Wright's Little Deacon ( Great Grand Father)

Ceder Creek Penny ( Great Grand Mother)

Dutton's Rusty ( Great Grand Father)

Dutton's Nikia ( Great Grand Mother)