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Dutton's Libby Montana

Born June 19th 2013 A.K.C & N.K.C. Registered.

14 inch tri-color

Libby is the female that has 2 generations of the “Dutton Beagles” line.

She is from great bloodlines!

Libby has had 6 litters now and will only have one more in 2021. All of her puppies have turned out wonderful! Libby is an outgoing lady, full of energy and we call her “The Teenager”. Libby has the body of her Grandma “Princess Bella Mia.” and the head of her Grandma “Denali the Great One”.

Libby’s pups would make wonderful field beagles, or great for an active family, full of energy and eager to please.

Pedigree Information

Dutton’s Troy Ounce (Father)

Dutton’s Peaches (Mother)

Batman Lemon Bolt (Grand Father)

Princess Bella Mia ( Grand Mother)

Dutton’s Finley ( Grand Father)

Dutton’s Danali The Great One ( Grandmother)

Pine View Jumping Jack ( Great Grand Father)

Pine view Molly ( Great Grand Mother)

FC. Crane Creek Billy (Great Grand Father)

FC. Glorilyn Lisa ( Great Grand Mother)

CH. Coldwater Raising A Ruckus (Great Grand Father)

Murphy Creek's Flirty Miss (Great Grand Mother)

Caulderwood’s Barney Clay ( Great Grand Father)

Caulderwood’s Lady Annabelle ( Great Grand Mother)