Dutton's Xiao Yi “Little One”

Born November 26th 2012 N.K.C Registered.

14 inch, tri-color

Xiao Yi is a special lady! She is a throw back from her Grandfather “Rusty”, she has Rusty’s calic on top of her head and has his eyes. Xiao Yi is a tiny girl at only 14” and 26 pounds, she is our 3rd generation from our original line.

Xiao Yi was the smallest in the litter and needed help with feeding, and after spending so much time with her, I just couldn't let her go. She has had seven wonderful litters and she has had some beautiful chocolates. I regret not keeping one of them. Xiao Yi’s puppies have superior temperaments, and are very smart!

Xiao Yi is now retired, her daughter Viola has taken her place.

Pedigree Information

Batman Lemon Bolt ( Father)

Dutton’s Daisy Mae ( Mother)

Pine View Jumpin Jack ( Grand Father)

Pine view Molly ( Grand Mother)

Dutton’s Rusty ( Grand Father)

Dutton’s Nikia ( Grand Mother)

Pooh Bear X ( Great Grand Father)

Blue Rivers Mist ( Great Grand Mother)